Organisation was founded on the 24th of April, 2002 as a cooperation of interested partners. Since 2012 is a registered association by German law (local court Dresden VR 5750). It is aimed at serving the whole railway sector and is fully independent from railways, manufacturers and authorities.

Currently two coordinators, Vasco Paul Kolmorgen and Dr. Daniel Huerlimann, are in charge of the main coordination of the work of In order to get state of the art knowledge in the different schemas, four schema coordinators from competence centers in the industry support the main coordinators. They are responsible for the organisation of the further development of railML® in the working groups of their specific subschema. Anyone interested in long term cooperation with railML is invited to join these working groups. Currently a variety of nationalites, organisations and businesses are part of this development process. The adminstrative work is centralized in Dresden/Germany.

Twice a year the railML community meets for a general meeting to discuss the interdisciplinary development. The specific work is based on an internet forum.

Organisation chart of

Organisation chart of organisation chart, as of January 2018

Please consider that only the above listed people are entitled to represent and act on behalf of and all its related activities (membership, certification, tenders, etc.). Please contact with any additional questions or uncertanities.

Statute charter of organisation is an association registered in Germany. It therefore applies to German law. Please note that, due to this, the statue charter is only available in German language currently. Should you require a translation please come back to us.