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New use case: Long-Term Circulation Planning (LTCP)

To develop the railML 3.3 schema, the Timetable working group has created a new use case - Long-Term Circulation Planning (LTCP). LTCP helps railway companies in coordinating their schedules and resources for long-term operations, ensuring ...

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How governance and decision-making processes work at a bottom-up approach e.V. is a recognised non-profit organisation which aims to serve the whole railway sector and is fully ...

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[IS] [railML3] electrification is IS, RS and CO by christian.rahmig

24. May 2024

[IL] Re: [railML3]: signal lamps by Larissa Zhuchyi

22. Mar 2024

[MISC] Re: Use railML to model parts of a large network by Larissa Zhuchyi

13. May 2024