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Dear all

With this post, railML.org continues the discussion on the railway signal modelling in railML 3, e.g. entry signal which is the main signal protecting the entrance of a station from the open line.

For background information see the previous post [1], for infrastructure context - our parallel branch [2].

The discussion aim is to solve the distinction between the physical and the functional aspects of a signal. Functional aspects should go to the interlocking schema, while physical ones go to the infrastructure.
Possible changes will be implemented in railML 3.3. Missing documentation will be added to railML 3.2 (railML 3.3 inherits).
Below you can see the results of the discussion with the coordinators.

railML.org wants to collect your thoughts (agree, disagree, detailed answer) on the following two points in the infrastructure follow-up [3].

Clarification for wiki.
(1) /railML/infrastructure/functionalInfrastructure/signalsIS/si gnalIS/@isNotWired is antonym of railML/infrastructure/functionalInfrastructure/signalsIS/sig nalIS/@isSwitchable.

isNotWired means that this signal is not linked to the interlocking. isSwitchable is "TRUE if the signal is able to show several signal aspects, and FALSE if the signal is a static panel that always shows the same signal aspect" [4].

Changes of schema to implement in railML 3.3.
(2) /railML/interlocking/assetsForIL/signalsIL/signalIL/@functio n has imprecise enumeration, "main" should be deprecated [5].

Sorry for repeating myself, yet please provide your thoughts (agree, disagree, detailed answer) on these points in answers to the infrastructure follow-up [3].

[1] https://www.railml.org/forum/index.php?t=msg&th=648
[2] https://www.railml.org/forum/index.php?t=msg&th=899& start=0&
[3] https://www.railml.org/forum/index.php?t=msg&th=899& goto=3098&#msg_3098
[4] https://wiki3.railml.org/wiki/IS:signalIS
[5] https://wiki3.railml.org/wiki/IL:signalIL

Sincerely, Larissa Zhuchyi

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Jörg von Lingen is currently offline  Jörg von Lingen
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Dear all,

we have "isSwitchable" in IS and "isNotWired" in IL for a signal, which
might thought to be the same. However, there is different usage for each.

isSwitchable=signal can show different aspects in controlled manner
(mechanically changed or light aspect switched) independent from where
it is controlled.
Beside traffic control signals there for example electrification
signals, which might be switchable in special cases. But then the
steering is from the SCADA of traction power supply system.
1) in Germany switch off (EL1) and switch on (El2) on switchable
insulated overhead section. Then the signal is a combination of both to
be switched from aspect to the other.
https://www.fahrdienstleiter.net/fdl/signalbuch-fahrleitungs signale-el -
see El1/El2
2) in Pontresina, Switzerland: There is a station track which can be
supplied with either traction power supply system. At the mast of the
related exit signals there are additional indicators showing the driver,
which supply system is activated.

isNotWired=signal is not connected to signalbox for control at the outside
This applies typically for a marker board. It is also used in case of
fixed speed indicator (speed is always valid for any route from that

Dr.-Ing. Jörg von Lingen - Interlocking scheme coordinator
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Altplauen 19h; 01187 Dresden; Germany www.railml.org
> [4] https://wiki3.railml.org/wiki/IS:signalIS
> [5] https://wiki3.railml.org/wiki/IL:signalIL
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