The railML subschemas

The railML® specification contains subschemas for four main areas: infrastructure, timetable, rolling stock and interlocking. These topics are themselves further divided into additional subschemas that address more specific areas. Additional railML-subschemas like for crew rostering, asset management or real-time data are being planned and discussed.

One railML file can contain several subschemas. The division into subschemas allows each individual railML-compatible application to apply the parts of the full schema - e.g. the subschemas - in various combinations.

Current railML schema coordinators

railML subschema Coordinator Companies website

Milan Wölke, Bahnkonzept, Dresden

Christian Rahmig, DLR, Braunschweig

Dr.-Ing. Jörg von Lingen, Institut für Bahntechnik, Dresden
Rolling stock

Dr.-Ing. Jörg von Lingen, Institut für Bahntechnik, Dresden

Thomas Nygreen, Jernbanedirektoratet, Oslo
Please note: The schema coordinators take care of the technical and modelling work on the railML schemas.
According to the business distribution plan please contact for questions about:


Former railML schema coordinators

The following railML specialists supported the development of the railML schemes as a scheme coordinator and are not longer in the role of a coordinator. For questions please contact the current coordinator.

railML - subschema Former coordinator Companies website
(04/2002 – 06/2015)
Joachim Rubröder, SMA+Partner, Zürich
(04/2002 – 03/2005)
Dr. Ulrich Linder, TU Berlin
(03/2005 – 05/2011)
Dr. Volker Knollmann, DLR, Braunschweig
(11/2007 – 03/2014)
Susanne Wunsch, Gleisbezug, Dresden
(10/2014 – 11/2017)
Dr. Bob Janssen, Siemens, Den Haag
(07/2015 – 03/2019)
Philip Wobst, Hacon, Hanover

We want to thank all the coordinators and supporters for their contributions to railML.
If you want to get in touch with the former scheme coordinators please contact the railML coordinators.