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Dear community!

A topic that arises from time to time is the use of xs:sequence vs. xs:all in the railML XSDs. Together with xs:choice, these are three options for how to attach child elements to a parent. I'll try to sum up their differences briefly:

* the multiplicity of the children is specified individually
* children must appear in the same order as in the XSD
* supports xs:any

* the multiplicity of the children can only be 0..1 or 1..1, and is specified individually
* children can appear in any order
* does not support xs:any

* designed for selecting one child from a set of possible children

The most common background for these questions is that with xs:sequence, the order of the child elements has to be the same as in the schema file, while with xs:all the order is arbitrary. This may seem simpler, but it leads to ambiguities more easily than with the stricter xs:sequence. That is why xs:all neither supports xs:any or children with multiplicity greater than 1. With the restricted multiplicity, xs:all is mostly not suitable for our purposes, apart from in the root element and the "views", where no children have multiplicity greater than 1.

Since xs:all has this limited functionality, and since mixing xs:all and xs:sequence depending on the multiplicity of the children will most likely confuse developers using railML as to when the order of the children matters, the coordinators recommend that we keep using xs:sequence for railML.

As a side note, there is one element in railML 3 element with xs:all, and that is the <railML> root element, allowing an arbitrary order of the top-level elements for each schema. So you can have <timetable> before <infrastructure> if you want. I don't know why, but it is there already, so we should probably not change it.

Best regards,
Thomas Nygreen

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