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Release: 11th June 2013
Version: 2.2 (SVN rev. 602)

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Welcome to the railML.org Initiative

The following pages present an introduction to the railML.org Initiative, its problem-oriented approach, and the objectives of our development work.

The railML® standard lives from the work of its users. They can participate in development and bring their needs and experience into future versions of the railML® standard in either existing areas - timetable, infrastructure and rolling stock - or in new areas. Our discussion forum is available to you for general questions about the project or concerning specific areas.

In our library, you can examine the results of our joint work in the form of XML schemas, example files and the railML® specification. You can also look at key meeting minutes and theses. You are free to download these files subject to our licensing conditions.

Other pages present the railML® project partners, contacts and publisher's data. You may contact the coordinators for the project as a whole or the coordinator for a particular area.


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