5th RailTopoModel Conference at UIC

Paris, November 4th, 2016. Slides available now!

Data exchange by railML: As easy as changing the train.

Case studies from railML partners.

railML.org: A community to ease data exchange.

History. Services. Furture. All at a glance.

ETCS data by railML interlocking

Exchange scheme is under development – participate!

railML's timetable version 2.3 ahead

Take part in the discussion and development up to January 2016.

RailTopoModel and UIC's IRS 30100

Revised version ready for comments; Standard available soon.

NEWS from railML

New internet presence

We are proud to be able to announce, that our new website, corporate design and bulletin board were designed for railML.org. We would like to thank UIC for supporting our project and are already looking forward to presenting the outcome at the 5th UIC RailTopoModel and 28th railML ...

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