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For a clearer use of organisational units the Norwegian railway sector recommends to further refine the existing definitions to make them more clear and to introduce on extension.
There are 8 fixed types of organisations in railML2:
• infrastructureManager
• vehicleManufacturer
• vehicleOperator
• customer
• railwayUndertaking
• operationalUndertaking
• concessionaire
• contractor

We suggest extending railML2.5 with a new sub element/type "vehicleOwner" and to allow extensions with <any> element.

I tried to find some background information in the forum, but only found this string without any clear definitions: https://www.railml.org/forum/index.php?t=msg&th=348& goto=1102&#msg_1102

We would like to ask the community how they define the 8 types of organisations. To start the discussion, we suggest the following definition improvements of the terms:

Container element for pre-defining organizational units, that will be referred from within the railML file.
Organisational units are railway related organisations that can be a government authority, local authority, corporation, enterprise, public company, private company, undertaking/body or other legal entity.
Each element may be used several times for several entries, as e.g. a network may be divided into areas with different infrastructure managers, and as within the network there will usually move vehicles from different producers. Every element entry within this container has, at least, an attribute name plus an attribute id. It can be addressed via this id from certain other places within the railML®-file
Note that as in railML2 the type of organisation is declared by the element. So, you need to register the same organisation in each relevant element if it has more than one role.

An organisation that is responsible for establishing and maintaining railway infrastructure, which may also include the management of infrastructure control and safety systems. The functions of the infrastructure manager on a network or part of a network may be allocated to different bodies or undertakings.
Via code it can be linked to the codelist infrastructureManagers.xml, where numerous infrastructure managers are listed.

Semantics: An organisation that produces railway vehicles.

Semantics: An organisation responsible for operating the railway vehicle on behalf of a railway undertaking (usually as a sub-contractor).

Semantics: An organisation that orders transportation service from a railway undertaking. The customer can have exclusive transportation ownership rights (concessions) or operate on open access.

Semantics: An organisation, licensed according to applicable legislation, which principal business is to provide services for the transport of goods and/or passengers by rail with a requirement that the undertaking must ensure traction and is commercially responsible for the service.

Semantics: An organisation responsible for the operational performance of a railway undertakings service (usually as a sub-contractor). Examples are organisations responsible for catering, cleaning or vehicle maintenance.

Semantics: A <railwayUndertaking> that has received and operates under a concession from a <customer>.

Forum note: As this is over specific and the UC is not clear, we suggest deprecating this element. If there is a need for the contract status between customer or railway undertaking, that should be mapped in a separate construct.

Semantics: Any relevant organisation not fitting to the other sub elements of <organisationalUnits>

vehicleOwner [new]
Semantics: An organisation which purpose is to make railway vehicles available for railway undertakings.
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