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extension of rollingstock schema [message #1189] Mon, 21 December 2009 15:31
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For a more detailed description of rolling stock features, especially motive
power, several new elments and attributes are proposed:

additional attributes for <diesel>
"availableAuxiliaryPower" [tPowerWatt] - portion of diesel engine power
reserved for supply of auxiliaries

additional attributes for <engine>
"axleDriveType" [tAxleDriveType: "cardanShaft", "tubularAxle",
"noseSuspensionDrive", "helicalSpringGear", "rubberRingResilentDrive",
"buchliDrive", "sideRodDrive", "inclinedRodDrive", "chain"] - the type of
mechanical construction for transmitting the torque onto the wheelset
"haulageLoad" [tWeightTons] - the limit of load allowed to be hauled by the
vehicle, shall be used when there are certain limits as lightweight construction
vehicles etc (nur Leichtbaufahrzeuge etc)

additional sub-element for <engine> -- <pantograph>
can occur several times, one for each panto
"controlType" [tPantographControlType: "cable", "spring", "air"] - the way of
controlling the panto drive
"designType" [tGenericName] - descriptive info about design type
"fittedSection" [tCounter] - number of vehicle section the panto is fitted on
in case of articulated vehicle, normally "1"
"headWidth" [tLengthM] - width of pan head (carbon stripes)
"maxCurrentDriving" [tCurrentAmpere] - maximum current transferred by the
panto during driving
"maxCurrentStandstill" [tCurrentAmpere] - maximum current transferred by the
panto in standstill of the vehicle
"orderNumber" [tCounter] - number of panto on the vehicle, normally "1"
"positionOnSection" [tPantographPositionType: "front", "frontSecond",
"middle", "rearSecond", "rear"] - position of the panto with respect to typical
locations of a section

additional sub-element for <pantograph> -- <dedicatedSupplySystem>
can occur several times for each panto, one for each supply system the panto
may be used for
"frequency" [tFrequencyHertz]
"voltage" [tVoltageVolt]

additional attributes for <propulsion>
"description" [tElementDescription] - additional descriptive information for
the propulsion dataset
"speedRange" [tSpeedRangeType: "dontcare", "slow", "fast"] - used to identify
dataset of propulsion for slow speed range (shunting) or fast speed range (main
line) in case of switchable gear
"forwardSpeed" [tSpeedKmPerHour] - permissible speed with front ahead (normal
"reverseSpeed" [tSpeedKmPerHour] - permissible speed with tail ahead (reverse

additional attributes for <fourQuadrantChopper>
"meanPhiRegeneration" [tAngleDegFullCircle] - phase angle in regeneration
mode, used if different to traction mode

additional attributes for <gangway>
"designType" [tGangwayDesignType: "standardUIC561", "special", "nonPublic"] -
selection of possible design types, shall be same type for both sides or only
one gangway at all

additional attributes for <vehicle>
"adjustableWheelSet" [boolean] - true when alternative track gauge given
"trackGaugeAlternative" [tLengthM] - alternative track gauge the wheelsets can
be adjusted to
"onTrainHead" [boolean] - vehicle may run at the train head
"onTrainTailOnly" [boolean] - vehicle must be the last one in any formation,
no other vehicle coupled to its end
"towingSpeed" [tSpeedKmPerHour] - maximum allowed vehicle speed in km/h when
its towed (not powered)

additional sub-element <auxiliarySupply> -- <dedicatedSupplySystem>
"voltage" [tVoltageVolt] - voltage of available supply system
"frequency" [tFrequencyHertz] - frequency of available supply system
"maxPower" [tPowerWatt] - maximum available power of the dedicated supply system

additional sub-element <passenger> -- <doors>
"number" [tCounter] - number of doors of the vehicle at one side
"entranceHeight" [tLengthM] - height of entrance foot plate above rail top
"entranceLength" [tLengthM] - maximum distance between the doors of the vehicle
"entranceWidth" [tLengthM] - total of all door width of the vehicle at one side
"footStepHeight" [tLengthM] - height of lowest foot step above rail top
"lockingSpeed" [tSpeedKmPerHour] - speed limit for locking the doors during
train ride

additional sub-element <passenger> -- <tilting>
"maxTiltingAngle" [tAngleDegQuadrant] - maximum tilting angle in degrees
"actuation" [tTiltingActuationType: "none", "active", "passive"] - way of
actuating the carbody tilting
"tiltingSpeed" [tSpeedDegreesPerSecond] - speed of changing the tilting angle
in degrees per second

additional attributes for <gear>
"designType" [tGenericName] - design type of the gear
"manufacturer" [tGenericName] - name of the gear manufacturer
"nominalPower" [tPowerWatt] - nominal power of the gear for transmission
"torqueConversion" [tTorqueConversionType: "converter", "coupling",
"hydrodynamicTransmission", "hydraulicTransmission",
"hydromechanicalTransmission", "hydrostaticTransmission"] - type of torque
conversion between motor and axle gear, mainly for diesel-hydraulic vehicles

additional sub-element <goods> -- <service>
same structure as <service> for <passenger> in order to allow naming of
additional features/provisions of the vehicle's freight compartment

additional sub-element <wagon> -- <auxiliarySupplySystem>
"voltage" [tVoltageVolt] - voltage of available supply system
"frequency" [tFrequencyHertz] - frequency of available supply system

additional sub-element <wagon> -- <driversCab>
"orderNumber" [tCounter] - ordered number of cab
"position" [tCabPositionType: "none", "front", "rear", "middle"] - position of
the cab with regard to vehicle
"acousticSignaller" [tAcousticSignalType: ] - type of acoustic signaller installed

additional sub-element <wagon> -- <rackTraction>
"number" [tCounter] - number of cog wheels
"rackSystem" [tRackSystemType: "none", "Riggenbach", "Riggenbach-Klose",
"Abt2Blades", "Abt3Blades", "Locher", "Strub", "Wetli", "Marsch", "Roll"] - kind
of rack system
"resilentCogWheel" [boolean] - flag, whether cog wheel(s) is(are) resilently

The changes can already be found in svn for scrutiny. Please check the proposals
and provide feedback.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen/Best regards,
Jörg von Lingen
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