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Rollingstock scheme V1.03 released [message #1178] Thu, 09 February 2006 07:44
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The latest version of rollingstock scheme is available on the RailML-Server. There were quite a lot
of new elements and attributes introduced since version 1.0. They are for detailed description of
the propulsion system considering various supply systems and state-of-the-art technology.

There was only one important change, i.e. renaming of element 'compositionType' according to the

Find here the detailed list of changes:
V1.01 adding 'auxPowerConsumption' in 'wagonType' element
changing element 'propulsion' to occur 0 upto unbounded
changing element 'valueLine' element to occur 1 upto unbounded
change of enumeration of 'supply' attribute in 'propulsion' to have consistently DC values in Volts
and AC values in Kilovolts
declaring the following elements globally, which are referred to afterwards:
- 'engine'
- 'propulsion'
- 'wagon'
- 'efficiency'
- 'mechanicalLosses'
- 'tractiveEffort'
- 'brakeEffort'
- 'mechBrakeEffort'
- 'formation'
- 'trainResistance'
V1.02 adding child element 'eddyCurrentBreak' to 'brakesType'
adding child element 'pulsPatterns' to 'tractionInverterType'
adding enumeration values to attribute 'supply' from 'propulsionType'
adding attribute 'maxBrakePower' to 'propulsionType'
adding attribute 'nomRevolutions' to 'tractionMotorType'
adding default value "1" for attribute 'formationCount'
change 'valueTableType', adding information about x-axis, y-axis and z-axis units and names using
the new 'unitType' as enumeration
renaming 'parameter' in 'columnHeader' to 'zValue' and adding 'zValueName' and 'zValueUnit' for
change 'columnHeader' to optional occurance
renaming 'compositionType' to 'formationType' in order to avoid confusion with 'compositionType' in
timetable scheme
V1.03 adding 'currentType' for net current curve in traction or braking
adding 'currentLimitationType' for max. net current curve vs. net voltage in traction and braking
adding elements 'tractiveCurrent', 'brakeCurrent', 'tractiveCurrentLimitation',
'brakeCurrentLimitation', 'tractiveVehicleEfficiency' and 'brakeVehicleEfficiency' as part of the
'propulsion' element
adding unitTypes V, kV, W, kW, MW, VA, kVA, MVA
adding attribute 'meanEfficiency' type 'fourQuadrantChopperType', 'tractionInverterType',
'gearType', 'tractionMotorType' and 'trafoType'
adding attribute 'auxCosphi' to element 'auxSupply'
adding attributes 'totalTractEfficiency' and 'totalBrakeEfficiency' to 'propulsion' element
adding element 'cosphi' to 'fourQuadrantChopper' as kurve and renaming attribute 'cosphi' to
adding attriute 'tractionOffUndervoltageThreshold' to 'propulsionType'

Jörg von Lingen
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