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Reference to PositioningSystem [message #1722] Mon, 12 March 2018 17:55
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Dear all,

reviewing the current implementation of RTM within railML 3.1 I
discovered the following issue where I would like to get your feedback
w.r.t. best way of implementation:

In RTM every PositioningNetElement contains at least one
AssociatedPositioningSystem. The AssociatedPositioningSystem references
a PositioningSystem. In railML 3.1 the matching XML syntax looks like this:


Further, an AssociatedPositioningSystem contains at least one
IntrinsicCoordinate, which is typically linked with a
PositioningSystemCoordinate. Each PositioningSystemCoordinate itself
references a PositioningSystem. In railML 3.1 the matching XML syntax
looks like this:

<associatedPositioningSystem>.<intrinsicCoordinate>.<*coordinate >@positioningSystemRef

This way of modelling seems to result in some redundancy w.r.t.
referenced positioning system. Therefore, my question I would like to
answer together with you: Is it really necessary having the first
(<netElement>.<associatedPositioningSystem>@positioningSystemRef) being
mandatory? I think that the second reference
(<associatedPositioningSystem>.<intrinsicCoordinate>.<*coordinate >@positioningSystemRef)
is sufficient. Therefore, I suggest to either remove the first reference
or make it optional in the model. What do you think?

For the sake of completeness, please find here a complete example taken
from the railML 3.1 Simple Example [1]:

<netElement id="ne_a01">
<relation ref="nr_a01a02"/>
<relation ref="nr_a01a03"/>
<associatedPositioningSystem id="ne_a01_aps01" positioningSystemRef="??">
<intrinsicCoordinate id="ne_a01_aps01_ic01" intrinsicCoord="0">
<linearCoordinate positioningSystemRef="lps01" measure="0.0"/>
<intrinsicCoordinate id="ne_a01_aps01_ic02" intrinsicCoord="1">
<linearCoordinate positioningSystemRef="lps01" measure="500.0"/>

[1] https://www.railml.org/en/user/exampledata.html

Best regards

Christian Rahmig - Infrastructure scheme coordinator
railML.org (Registry of Associations: VR 5750)
Phone Coordinator: +49 173 2714509; railML.org: +49 351 47582911
Altplauen 19h; 01187 Dresden; Germany www.railml.org
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