The railML® timetable sub-schema is focused on the description of the railway timetable including all its various facets that are needed by the data exchange applications. In particular, the railML timetable schema contains the following information:

  • Operating Periods: The operating days for train services or rostering.
  • Train Parts: The basic parts of a train as a sequence of operation or control points with the same characteristics such as formation and operating period. The train part includes the actual information regarding the path of the train as well as the corresponding schedule information.
  • Trains: One or more train parts make up a train and represent either the operational or the commercial view of the train run.
  • Rostering: Train parts can be linked to form the circulations necessary for rostering (rolling stock schedules).

Currently, Milan Wölke is the coordinator of the railML.org timetable. Please contact him if you have any further questions.

Timetable working group