The railML® rollingstock sub-schema is focused on the description of the railways rolling stock including all its various facets that are deemed to be needed by the data exchange applications. In particular, the railML rollingstock schema contains the following information:

  • Vehicles: The characteristics of individual railway vehicles or vehicle families are described in this part of the schema. The description of vehicles considers some general data used for organising assets like naming, classification or vehicle numbers as given by its operator. The majority within the schema is providing the structure to store the various technical aspects of railway vehicles with regard to their propulsion system, car body features, brakes or services installed within the vehicle.
  • Formations: The features of train sets or parts of it formed of several different or similar vehicles are described in this part. This combination of vehicles is used to describe train features as needed e.g. in timetables. However, the logical consistency between the formation and the vehicles it is made of is not enforced by the schema. It must be ensured by the application producing the data.

Currently Jörg von Lingen is the coordinator of rollingstock. Please contact him if you have any further questions.

Rollingstock Working Group

NOTE: The rolling stock schema has been developed to a point where no further enhancements are currently necessary. Therefore, there is no active working group for this subschema.

For detailed information about other working groups, including the terms and conditions for participation, please refer to the Working Groups page.