The railML® infrastructure sub-schema is focused on the description of the railway network infrastructure including all its various facets that are needed by the data exchange applications. In particular, the railML infrastructure schema contains the following information:

  • Topology: The track network is described as a topological node edge model.
  • Coordinates: All railway infrastructure elements can be located in an arbitrary 2- or 3-dimensional coordinate system, e.g. the WRG84 that is widely used by today's navigation software.
  • Geometry: The track geometry can be described in terms of radius and gradient.
  • Railway infrastructure elements enclose a variety of railway relevant assets that can be found on, under, over or next to the railway track, e.g. balises, platform edges and level crossings.
  • Further located elements encompass elements that are closely linked with the railway infrastructure, but that "cannot be touched", e.g. speed profiles and track conditions.

Currently, Christian Rahmig is the coordinator of infrastructure. Please contact him if you have any further questions.

Infrastructure working group