Scientific Papers dealing with railML®


01.11.2018 (spanish)
Alberto Burguillo Ruiz (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid) 

L.D. Prof. Contr. Doct. Juan de Dios Sanz Bobis (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid) 

It is well known that railway control is a highly complex task requiring skills and, above all, information at a high level of detail and accuracy. However, nowadays, this information is shared by printed media or in formats that do not allow neither editing nor obtaining this data in a more useful format in a quick and efficient way. For this reason, initiatives such as ® have arisen, as well as other initiatives that try to make this step towards the digitisation of data and its possible processing possible. The Bachelor Thesis gives an overview about the content of railML® in Spanish language.

23.01.2017 (English)
Vivian Augele (TU Dresden)

This paper focuses on a general analysis of RailTopoModel/railML and the openBIM model and data exchange format IFC (Industry Foundation Classes). The paper is a first overview and does not address a detailed technical comparison. 

03.03.2015 (German)
Jessica Pöpping (TU Dresden)

This paper focuses on an analysis and comparison of railML and the NeTEx (Network and Timetable Exchange) data standard in the context of intermodal passenger information.

01.10.2013 (english)
Mark Bosschaart (TU Delft) L.A. Tavasszy (TU Delft) 
Dr. R.M.P. Goverde (TU Delft) E. Quaglietta (TU Delft) 
Dr. W.W.A. Beelaerts van Blokland (TU Delft) B.J.R. Janssen (Siemens & railML) 

18.12.2008 (german)
Martin Lehmann (TU Dresden)
Thomas Albrecht (TU Dresden)

09.01.2004 (english)
Dr. Daniel Huerlimann & Andrew Nash (ETH Zürich)
Vasco Paul Krauß & Prof. Jörg Schütte (Fraunhofer-IVI)