How to become a railML® Partner

We are happy to welcome new partners at For certain activities such as accessing download links and event registration, prior registration on the website is mandatory. Additional information on how to become a partner or register a program with a railML interface can be found in the tabs below.

Since 2020, we have implemented a partnership system comprising three partnership categories: BasicAssociated and Strategic. Partners can select a category based on their needs and interests when registering their company using the Partnership Agreement form.

These categories differ from the technical partner categories of "supporter," "user," and "developer," which are explained below. The assignment of one of these categories to your company depends on its technical contributions to the railML standard and the current usage of railML within your organization. Upon registration, will suggest one of these types, and you are welcome to comment on or confirm the suggestion.

To ensure railML remains free and open to everyone, all current and new partners automatically receive the "Basic" partnership category (free of charge). Existing partners do not need to take any action; they will be automatically granted Basic partnerships. This ensures that all benefits, accessible at no cost in the past, remain available to everyone now and in the future. This does not affect the categories of "users," "supporters," or "developers" based on technical contributions to the standard.

Partners may choose to upgrade to an Associated or a Strategic partnership category at any time. To obtain a list of the partnership fees and the benefits that come with each category, please contact the Organisational Team per email.

Please note: To register in our partner registry, we require both the "Partnership Agreement" and the information listed under "Register as a railML partner".

General information

Your benefits:

Partners of receive - in accordance with our licensing conditions  - the right to use the railML® schemas. An organisation can further enhance its participation and become not just a user, but also a development partner. This way, you can bring your proposals and comments into the development process and approve the final schema versions jointly with us.

Please note the following:

  • The submitter of the descriptions and logos must have the right of use and the right to transmit these documents to
  • The submitted logos shall be unique and representative for the partner or programme.
  • The submitter of texts and logos exempts from any claims and titles of third parties.
  • The publication of the provided information will take approximately one to two weeks and needs the prior confirmation of our coordination team.
  • The submitters are in charge of updating the provided information regularly.
  • The creation of a login for on our website does not replace the registration of a company or programme.
  • is an open-source community. If you help us to improve the railML standard with your information and knowledge, you accept that the any provided information will become freely available under the's licence terms to the community. Do not submit any confidential or IP protected information of your or another company.
  • Each partner bears their expenses by themselves. For an introduction into the partnership fees, terms and conditions, please see the tabs below. 
Partnership Categories offers 3 partnership categories. These depend on company size and type of organisation. These criteria are defined by the EU recommendation 2003/361. Each of these categories grants the partner certain benefits and rights. For a comprehensive list of partnership fees and benefits, please contact the Organisational Team per email

Strategic - Paid

This category is ideal for partners who have a long-term interest in participating in and influencing the development of the standard. This is the highest paid category, but a partner also enjoys the greatest discounts for some services offered by and extensive support. 

A few of the extra features offered are:

  • Early access to alpha schema releases 
  • 3 free certification cycles (additional cycles at 60% discount)
  • Status as primary consultant in coordination of scheme development
  • Seat in the stakeholders and railML 3 and 2 steering groups
  • Marketing at railML events
  • One free on-site workshop
  • Long-term support for discontinued railML 2.x and 3.x versions (5 years)
  • Plus all other features that have thus far been free for everyone

Associated - Paid

This is the second highest category for a partner and it is best suited to partners who have a high current interest in influencing the development of railML (e.g., due to a project, research, etc.). It offers a small discount on some functions that partners often make use of as well. 

A few of the extra features offered are:

  • Early access to alpha schema releases 
  • 1 free certification cycle (additional at 40% discount)
  • Status as secondary consultant in coordination of scheme development
  • Seat in the railML 2 steering group
  • 40% off of first on-site workshop
  • Mid-term support for discontinued railML 2.x and 3.x versions (2 years)
  • Plus all other features that have thus far been free for everyone

Basic - Free

This category includes all the benefits and rights that have been available to our Partners since was founded. These remain 100% free of change and this shall not change in the future. This category will be automatically assigned to all our current Partners independent of their type (user, supporter, developer). This is the only category that does not require a renewal - once signed up, you will remain a basic partner until you decide otherwise. An upgrade to one of the categories above is possible at any time.

This category offers you:

  • Access officially released railML schema versions (no early-access). 
  • Read and write to wiki.
  • Each certification must be paid in full.
  • Write to railML discussion boards for feedback but no dedicated support from specialists (could take longer to obtain an answer).
  • And all other features that have always been free for everyone
Technical Partner Categories

Companies at are assigned a technical category upon registration of their company. There are three possible categories: supporter, user and developer. Each one depends on the technical contributions to the railML standard by the company. Below you can find a description of each one.


railML development partners are companies with long experience in creating railML interfaces and affecting the development of the railML standards – in the Forum, in the Wiki or at the regular railML conferences. A previous partnership as a railML user is essential.


railML users are mainly railway companies and operators which have adopted railML interfaces and have some knowledge of the language. Although they don't actively enhance the railML standard, they have extensive experience in the daily operation of the exchange of railML data.


railML supporters are partners that agree with and support the goal of a unified data exchange solution using railML interfaces. Usage of interfaces (or deeper railML knowledge) is not required. Think of it as the moral cheerleaders of our users and developers!

Register as a railML partner

Please send us your company's details. Please make sure that it contains the following information:

  1. Filled out and signed "Partnership Agreement" downloadable below.
  2. Short introduction about your company in English language (also in German, if available) that complies with the following formalities:
    • approximately 150 words per language
    • bold, italic and underlined accentuation are allowed
  3. Approved logotype of your company as vector file (SVG).
    (as of December 2023 only SVG files are acceptable)
  4. Contact person for at your company (name, telephone, e-mail address). Please also create an account at for this main contact person in order to enable a good communication and beneficial cooperation between your company and our governance / scheme coordinators. This contact person will be linked to your company details and published on our website.
  5. A link to the website of your company´s specific department dealing with railML
    (if possible in English language, otherwise in the national language of the partner; also in German, if available)
  6. The type of partner you are applying for (developer, user or supporter)
  7. Your main area of business
    (Railway Undertaking or Infrastructure Manager / Software provider / Research Institution / Government or Local Transport Authority)
  8. Inform us about any software with railML interfaces developed or used by your company
    (if the programme is not registered at yet, please make sure to send us some details)

An organization can further enhance its participation and become not just a supporting partner, but also a development partner. As a development partner, your organization can participate in the creation and further development of the railML® schemas by bringing your proposals and comments into the development process and approving final schema versions jointly with us.

In order to be registered as a developer, a high level of experience in creating railML® interfaces and affecting the development of the railML® standard is necessary. We insist on and recommend a long term partnership.

Please send your documents to the Organisational Team and Governance Coordinator.

Partnership Agreement

Please log in to be able to download the partnership agreement.