Topics of the 6th RailTopoModel conference

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In February 2016 published a short news item about OpenData. OpenData was also a big topic at the spring conference of RailTopoModel, which took place once again in Paris on the 19th of April. Representatives from the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB), Deutsche Bahn and the French National Railway Society (SNCF) came to Paris to present about their way of collecting and providing OpenData for the general public. Interesting to see were the different approaches the Railways displayed. In spite of various differences there is an interesting or maybe random agreement on the URL of the OpenData portal. It is always called: data.<nameofrailway>.com

Beside the informative OpenData presentation also the IRS 30100 was presented at the 6th RTM conference. It is the result of the continuous development work of the RailTopoModel Ing Expert Group.

All presentations and the agenda of the conference are available for download for registered members on our website.   

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