The railML Simple Example: starting point for railML newcomers

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In the recent years railML has spread throughout Europe and the world. As a consequence, a growing number of interested parties require more detailed information. In order to satisfy these inquiries and provide a quick and easy access to railML, infrastructure coordinator, Christian Rahmig, has been developing a simple railML example. It consists of basic railway elements (single-track line bordered by two operational points) and demonstrates how infrastructure can be modelled in railML.

Recently the railML version of the Simple Example was updated so that it is now available in railML 2.3 and railML 3.1 beta. Interested parties may download both versions on our website. Furthermore, one can download a detailed tutorial of the Simple Example. This explains the structure and characteristics of railML comprehensibly and is therefore ideally suited also for railML newcomers.

As railML is an international industry standard the Simple Example is available for different countries. Currently four national Simple Examples are disposable: Czech, Dutch, German and Norwegian. They demonstrate how national peculiarities merge with railML.

Furthermore collects railML example data of partner companies. These are available for download on the same subpage and show application areas of railML. They can also be used as viewing material with railVIVID or in own tools, e.g. prior to certifications. We would be happy to provide valid examples of your railML programme for the community too. We are at your disposal for this purpose.

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