Substantial progress with railVIVID

railVIVID – the railML viewer and validator – is official published with a productive usable version V 1.00b since April 2016. railVIVID is a free programme with which railML data can be validated and displayed. It is subdivided into five parts:

The Validator is able to validate the syntax of the inserted railML file. Nevertheless it does not substitute a certification of programmes with railML interface.

The Infrastructure view displays the infrastructure information as an internet map or drawing. The track section can be selected by track or operational point.

The Timetable view shows timetable information by train or operational point as a graphic or tabular timetable.

The Rolling Stock view gives information about all used vehicles.

railVIVID is currently available in six languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Czech and Norwegian. Further development for better usability and possibly in the area of schematic infrastructure is planned. We will publish all expanding enhancements on our website.

A free download and further information for all interested is available on our website. Feedback is always welcome, please address to:

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