Scheme Planning and Lifecycle Policy / V2.2 Support Termination

by Vasco Paul Kolmorgen ( (comments: 0)

Termination of support for railML 2.2 will discontinue the support for railML version 2.2 as of June 30, 2021. We recommend to switch to railML versions 2.3, 2.4 or the future railML 2.5. Furthermore, also the new railML 3.x schemas are available for the development and usage of railway data interfaces.

What does the discontinuation - planned for mid-2021 - mean for the railway sector?
Most importantly, existing railML 2.2 interfaces in programs can continue to be used without restriction from 1 July 2021 for an unlimited time. The differences is going to be that from this point on wards will no longer:

  • provide support or answer questions regarding railML 2.2 to software developers,
  • improve the railML Wiki and other documentation for railML 2.2,
  • no longer certify software with a railML 2.2 interface (this prohibits the commercial / productive use of new railML 2.2 interfaces)

Scheme Planning and Lifecycle Policy

The discontinuation of support of a specific version will always be announced at least 24 months in advance. A minimum support period of 6 or 8 years for each schema version was suggested and discussed during the last conference. Currently we are collecting opinions from our community and will report during the next conferences.

For more information please view our version timeline.

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