railML.org releases certification manual

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railML.org is happy to announce that its certification manual is finally completed in version 1.0 and available for download on the website. The manual gives a detailed summary of the certification procedure, defines the certification criteria and interfaces that are subject to certification. Furthermore, applying companies receive best practice tips to prepare the certification. We would like to thank UIC and all participating railways for their significant support.

“We are pleased to have developed a certification manual in collaboration with the railML-community and the Czech companies takticzi.cz and Some move. This enables a transparent and consistent certification process.”, comments railML.org coordinator Vasco Paul Kolmorgen the most recent railML.org release. The aim of the certification is to ease the data exchange via railML by ensuring a correct application and the compatability of the different interfaces.

Having finished this project successfully is a big milestone for railML.org in the certification procedure. Subsequently the temporarily paused certification process of already subscribed interfaces will start in the coming weeks. We will be working with highest efforts to complete all pending certifications as soon as possible and would like to thank all affected companies for their patience and understanding.

Feedback concerning the manual is highly appreciated as enhancements are ongoing and a version 1.x is planned for 2018. Please direct your feedback to: manual@governance.railml.org

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