railVIVID enhancements for the community

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A new railVIVID beta version will be finished during the next days and will be available for download on the railML webpage. The source code of railVIVID was revised, the usability and reliability was strongly improved and some various little functions were implemented. An overview of the changes can be found on the download page of the beta version.

With rising practicability various railway undertakings became interested in railVIVID and started working with it. Therefore we are happy to announce that railVIVID will be enhanced further in future. During brainstorming about future functions the following ideas were expressed:

  • Implementation of a Scenario Player for Infrastructure that allows to show the development of infrastructure over time. Precisely we are thinking of a slider that enables the user to skip in time, according to the contained railML infrastructure data. This function is strongly dependent on the ongoing railML 3 development.
  • Starting of the integration of a semantic validation, giving railVIVID some intelligence. In future railVIVID shall be able to point out unrealistic element values to the user or programmer. If for example a locomotive in the rolling stock data only has one axle, railVIVID will point out that this a schematic valid file, but technically impossible.
  • Transition of railVIVID into a Web app to validate and show railML data also without installation of a tool.
  • Implementation of an source code display. This means, when clicking on a desired infrastructure element (like a signal), railVIVID will show you the XML source code.

The development of railVIVID is continuously ongoing and we will inform the community about any new releases on our website. Afte the beta a new productive version will be presented at the 30th railML and 7th RTM conference in November in Paris.

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