railVIVID beta version released

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On the 29th April 2015 the new railML tool railVIVID was introduced at the 4th UIC RailTopoModel Conference in Paris. RailVIVID is able to validate and visualize railML data and was developed by the Institute of Traffic Telematics of the Technical University of Dresden.

With the help of this new tool it is possible to plot railML files. Furthermore the integrated railVIVID validator allows to check the railML file regarding the correctness of its syntax. Thus the user now has a comfortable and considerably improved overview of his infrastructure, timetable and rolling stock elements.

„RailVIVID is an outstanding expansion of our already established railML. We are proud to be able to present this new tool and hope that it will find many users. “ says UIC's project manager Airy Magnien.

The beta version of railVIVID is available to test by every partner for free from now on. The final version is going to be published in summer 2015. For more information please visit: https://www.railml.org/en/user/railvivid.html.

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