RailTopoModel beta v1.0 published - Base for railML's new infrastructure design

by Vasco Paul Kolmorgen (railML.org) (comments: 0)

The RailTopoModel beta v1.0, which provides a conceptual model for describing the railway infrastructure network, has been published at the 4th UIC RailTopoModel Conference in Paris on April 29, 2015. The RailTopoModel was developed over the past two years by several European Railway infrastructure managers organised in the UIC's RailTopoModel Ing. group. This first beta version of the RailTopoModel includes a generic approach for topology modelling, while further aspects being currently under development focus at time management, track geometry and ETCS relevant data. The RailTopoModel will become the UIC's International Railway Standard (IRS) 30100 in spring 2016.

The RailTopoModel is available to all UIC contributing partners in the area of the agreed licence and conditions. A implementation of UIC's RailTopoModel for railML 3 is currently under development (see the information and download page).

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