Collaboration Improved: railML3 Dissemination and Feedback Workshops

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The most important requirement railML schemas shall meet, is to satisfy the needs of practical application of todays and tomorows railways. Therefore, the developments always take place on the foundation of use cases and in collaboration with the railway sector.

In order to put this into practice, strives to stay in close contact with the whole railML community, consisting of software suppliers, railways and research institutions. In January 2018 an entirely new concept was launched for this purpose: The 1st railML 3 beta Dissemination and Feedback Workshop took place in Berlin. 21 experts from different organisations (SBB, SZDC, Bombardier, ...), countries (NO, FR, SK, ...) and professional backgrounds came together for a 1,5-day workshop to discuss the current railML 3 beta. All feedback and outcomes of the workshop were transferred and discussed in the railML Infrastructure and RailTopoModel Forum. The results will be included in further railML 3.1 developments. Christian Rahmig, Infrastructure Coordinator and Lead railML 3 Developer, concluded: “The exchange on a technical level with a smaller sized working group was inspiring, answered loads of questions on both, user and developer side, and gave us a direction for further railML3 development.” Also, participants commented very positively and expressed interest in a follow-up workshop. Subsequently, the 2nd railML 3 beta Dissemination and Feedback Workshop will take place in Berlin on the 17th of April, only one day before our 33rd railML conference.

The registration for this workshop is open and places are still available. The morning will consist of a recap session of the previous workshop, so that newcomers can easily join. For more information and registration please visit the webpage of the workshop. We are looking forward to a further inspiring and fruitful workshop. Feedback and/or comments are always welcome. Please contact at any time.

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