Presentation of railML4RINF and railVIVID at European NRE meeting

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During the regular European NRE meeting on the 8th of September 2015 presented the created solutions for the filling of the European RINF- data base with railML 2.2 and railML 3-mockup. RINF is a project of the European Railway Agency (ERA) aiming for a pan-European (including Switzerland and Norway) infrastructure data base. It shall give railway operators and shippers easy access to the most important infrastructure data and therefore stimulate the European transboundary railway traffic.

With the help of “railML4RINF”, a converting programme developed by Fraunhofer -  IVI, and railVIVID, the railML viewer financed by the UIC, it was possible to transfer and demonstrate nearly the complete French rail network from the internal data base ARIANE to the RINF-internal XML-format on site. In the future, modifications of further elements and conversions of Belgian and Dutch data via railML are planned. “ will accompany the process of European data exchange for RINF with interest and will adjust its railML-3-developments to this demands.”, says Christian Rahmig, infrastructure schema coordinator of

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