Cooperation with the Ukrainian State University of Science and Technologies

by Gulruh Farmonova ( (comments: 0) e.V. partners with the Ukrainian State University of Science and Technologies (USUST) in railway transportation and computer science education e.V., a collaborative initiative for the standardization of railway data exchange, is pleased to announce its collaboration with the Ukrainian State University of Science and Technologies (USUST) in Dnipro, Ukraine. This partnership, which officially started in May 2023, marks a significant step forward in fostering innovation and expertise in the railway sector.

Established in 2021 by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, USUST has quickly risen to prominence as a pivotal institution, possessing a comprehensive infrastructure that includes 4 educational and scientific institutes, 27 faculties and numerous research and test centers. With a strong emphasis on advanced educational methodologies and a deep commitment to research excellence, USUST is the largest Technical University in the Central region and one of the largest in Ukraine.

This collaboration focuses on the exchange of knowledge, research, and the development of future professionals in the field of railway engineering and computer science.

Key initiatives include:

  • Student internships at Starting from December 2023, USUST students have embarked on internships at, gaining invaluable hands-on experience in the rail data exchange technologies.
  • Educational exchange and research projects: The partnership is exploring opportunities for funded research projects across Germany, the EU and Ukraine, aiming to push the boundaries of railway engineering and transport technology.
  • Professional growth and networking: In the lecture on March 22, coordinator M.Sc. Vasco Paul Kolmorgen engaged with over 50 USUST professors, students and graduates, providing insights into railML, ongoing projects in Germany and the EU and the broader industry landscape.

Esteemed professor D.Sc. Victor Shynkarenko and Ph.D. Vadym Horiachkin from USUST as well as our ontology researcher at e.V. Ph.D. Larissa Zhuchyi, whose expertise and guidance have been pivotal to the success of this initiative.

A pilot example of this partnership’s potential is the work of Marharyta Vyskarka, a USUST student interning at, who is currently working on the evaluation and new architecture for the railVIVID tool, alongside the development of SVG file manipulation tool.

This collaboration is set to inspire a new generation of engineers, equipped with the skills and knowledge to drive the future of transportation. and USUST’s joint efforts highlight the critical importance of combining academic insight with industry experience to cultivate the sector‘s growth.

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