Register a railML compatible programme

Please send us the details of your programme with railML® capable interfaces. Please make sure that it contains the following information:

  1. Short introduction about the programme in English and German language that complies with the following formalities:
    • approximately 150 words per language;
    • bold, italic and underlined accentuations are allowed.
  2. Approved logotype of your company as vector file (SVG or EPS).
    (as of December 2023 only SVG or EPS files are acceptable).
    If your programme does not have a specific logo please refer to the companies logo instead.
  3. Specific contact person for at your company. Make sure it is one of the two representatives listed on the Partnership Agreement (downloadable below). Please also create an account at for this main contact person in order to enable a good communication and beneficial cooperation between your company and our governance / scheme coordinators. This contact person will be linked to the programme details.
  4. A link to the specific website of your application. If no specific website is available refer to your company's website. (in German and English language)
  5. The programme type (crew planning, data conversion, passenger information, rolling stock rostering, simulation, train path construction, etc.)
  6. The licence (commercial, academic, internal, freeware)
  7. Type of the use cases supported by the programme, subschemas (Timetable, Infrastructure, Rolling stock, Interlocking) and scheme version (1.x, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 3.x) supported by import / export interface.
  8. Inform us about any customers using your programme.

Please send your documents to the Organisational Team and to Vasco Paul Kolmorgen