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In the following chart you'll find an overview of known software with railML® interfaces.

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Application Country
Controlguide OCS
Controlguide OCS Denmark Denmark Germany Germany
FBS Germany Germany Poland Poland Czechia Czechia
Switzerland Switzerland Austria Austria
GPSinfradat Germany Germany France France
OpenTrack Norway Norway Switzerland Switzerland Sweden Sweden
Czechia Czechia Germany Germany Netherlands Netherlands
Australia Australia France France Japan Japan
Italy Italy
railML4RINF Spain Spain Germany Germany France France
RailSys Germany Germany
railVIVID Norway Norway Switzerland Switzerland Sweden Sweden
Austria Austria France France Czechia Czechia
Germany Germany Europe Europe
TPS Norway Norway Denmark Denmark Germany Germany
Israel Israel France France
Viriato Germany Germany Switzerland Switzerland
VIS-ALL 3D Germany Germany
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Interfaces labelled with certified in the description are able to exchange data in accordance to the railML standard. However some of the programmes are not certified as they are either older programmes, under development or in the process of certification.

Information in the grayed box was provided by the railML.org partner and is not checked by railML.org. Please read the detailed information about the programmes carefully and don´t hesitate to contact railML.org for any further questions.

Currently we are improving the description of the use cases and the linkage to the programme support. Therefore these should be considered as beta descriptions.