Vianova Systems

Partner since:
Jun 2016
Vianova Systems AS (A Trimble company)
Anders Skeie
Leif Trondstadsplass 4
1337 Sandvika

Phone: +47 9 7406962


Vianova Systems, today a Trimble company, is an international pioneer and the market leader in Scandinavia within civil engineering software for designing transport infrastructure. 

By collaborating closely with key public and private industry organizations we develop technology-leading solutions that provide world-class results for the individual user, customer, partner – and society.

Founded on a model-based, multi-discipline software vision, we have ever since 1988 pioneered the development of infrastructure design tools. Today the portfolio consists of 25+ Novapoint design applications for road, rail, sea and air infrastructure design, including a new BIM for infrastructure solution, NovapointDCM and QuadriDCM – a groundbreaking suite providing tangible benefits for infrastructure projects.

Together with Trimble´s specialist tools TILOS, Quantm, Business Center - HCE, Connected Community, VisionLink and more, they provide optimal engineering and construction productivity thoughout the whole infrastructure lifecycle.

The Vianova Group, which has its headquarter in Sandvika outside Oslo, is part of Trimble´s Civil Engineering & Construction Division.

railML® compatible applications:
  • Novapoint DCM