TTG Transportation Technology

Partner since:
May 2017


Bruno Lambla
2000 Sydney

Phone: +61 426185105


TTG Transportation Technology is a leading international provider of rail technology and consulting services to optimise the performance and efficiency of rail operations – trains, schedules and network capacity.

Our solutions span passenger, freight and heavy haul rail; from long-term planning to real-time operations. For example, our Energymiser® solution provides real-time driver advice and web-based reports to reduce energy consumption and emissions by up to 20% or more, improve on-time running and network capacity, and reduce maintenance costs.

Our clients are railway owners, operators and suppliers in the public and private sector, operating in the U.K., Europe, Australia, New Zealand, China, India, SE Asia, and the USA. TTG are leaders in:

  • Sustainable solutions to the rail industry, built on more than 23 years operating experience of the former TMG Group.
  • Providing software, engineering and consultancy services supporting daily railway operations and maintenance activities.

TTG Europe and TTG Group operate from head offices in Derby – U.K. and Sydney – Australia, and through a network of Associates and Agents internationally, including an office in Beijing.