Systems Lab 21

Partner since:
Apr 2024


Systems Lab 21 GmbH
Christoph Müller
August-Bebel-Str. 88
14482 Potsdam



Systems Lab 21 GmbH is a specialized software engineering service provider for the railway sector with the mission to streamline the planning, testing, and commissioning of digital railway solutions. Since its founding in 2021, Systems Lab 21 GmbH has focused on digital command, control and signalling systems, model-based system engineering, model- and software-in-the-loop test environments, EULYNX, NeuPro and ETCS specifications.  
The company’s references include distributed laboratory setups for train- and landside CCS integration, research on generic European ETCS engineering rules and safety logic, EULYNX interlocking simulators, a Multi-OC test environment and German interlocking control systems (iBS) as well as configuration management tools.
Systems Lab 21 GmbH and its affiliates are actively contributing to research & development and open source projects and have published on several topics such as:
  • EULYNX-Live: A methodology for validating system specifications in hybrid field tests
  • Integrated safety and security through software-based segregation in the EULYNX Object Controller
  • Open Source RaSTA implementation (
Furthermore, Systems Lab 21 GmbH is the provider of Platform21, a comprehensive digital product for conformity and integration testing of EULYNX-based CCS components.
The company is headquartered in Potsdam, Germany.