Partner since:
Apr 2002


SMA und Partner AG
Joachim Rubröder
Gubelstr. 28
8050 Zürich



Founded in 1987 and based in Zurich/Switzerland, SMA und Partner AG is an independent company specialised in transportation, traffic and operation planning. With its team of about 60 engineers, transportation planners and IT experts SMA has been committed to developing and improving tomorrow’s railway systems with passion and motivation. As independent company, SMA is the leader in consulting and engineering services for the planning of railway systems. The many regional, national and international projects that our team has carried out have allowed us to acquire a unique experience and expertise in the railway sector. The development of the timetable planning system Viriato required the establishment of an IT division with its core competence in the area of design and development of IT solutions for railways, in particular in supporting the timetable construction and run time calculation. Furthermore the maintenance and functional evolution of our IT products are part of our core activity. Based on its long term experience SMA offers a broad range of planning and IT services. Our customers profit from the combination of profound knowledge of the user’s demands and a team of specialists with long experience in the development of IT solutions for railways.

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