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Jul 2015


SISCOG is a software company specialised in solutions for optimised planning and management of resources in transportation companies, namely for railway and metro operators. The SISCOG Suite is composed of three products: ONTIME, to create and update trips or timetables of services; FLEET, for planning and management of vehicles (rolling stock) and CREWS, an award-winning product for planning and management of staff. Since inception, in 1986, SISCOG has continuously been enhancing its knowledge regarding optimisation and the rail planning needs. With the use of a combination of Artificial Intelligence and Operational Research technologies we offer state-of-the-art optimisers that speed the planning process while minimizing the use of resources or increasing service levels with the same configuration of resources.

Amongst our customers are renowned companies such as the Dutch, Finnish, Danish and Norwegian railways, the Suburban Trains of Copenhagen, the Portuguese State Freight Railways, the London Underground and Lisbon Metro.