Scheidt & Bachmann System Technik

Partner since:
Apr 2016


Scheidt & Bachmann System Technik GmbH
Joachim Bleidiessel
Edisonstr. 3
24145 Kiel

Phone: +49 431 2481 419


Scheidt & Bachmann System Technik GmbH in Kiel is a wholly owned subsidiary of Scheidt &  Bachmann  GmbH  in  Mönchengladbach.  For  more  than  30  years,  Scheidt  &  Bachmann System  Technik  has  been  manufacturing  and  supplying  complex  operations  management systems for rail-bound mainline and local public transport. With the network-wide dispatching and  control  system  Travis,  Scheidt  &  Bachmann  System  Technik  is  one  of  the  leading suppliers of railway technology in Europe.

As a provider of training systems, Scheidt & Bachmann System Technik supplies the BEST Operations  and  Interlocking  Simulation  System  to  public  transportation  companies worldwide.  The  product  portfolio  of  Scheidt  &  Bachmann System  Technik  includes  train identification  systems,  interlocking  systems  for  depots,  marshalling  and  gravity  shunting yards, the central VDV data pool RIMOS as well as the profound IT and domain expertise of the company’s approximately 90 employees.