Transport for New South Wales

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Aug 2021


Transport for NSW
Omer Saricilar
231 Elizabeth Street

Phone: +62 4 1726 0641
Mobile: +62 4 1726 0641


Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) is an agency of the New South Wales Government which build transport infrastructures and manage transport services in NSW. TfNSW covers all type of transport modes including roads, maritime, heavy rail, light rail, metro and community transport. TfNSW also develops regulations, policies and legislation to ensure that transport is delivered to a high standard, meets community needs, protects assets and public money, minimizes environmental impact, and ensures the community is safe. TfNSW manages an annual multibillion-dollar transport budget and in partnership with the transport operating agencies manages more than A$106 billion in property, plant and equipment assets. TfNSW is currently undertaking a number of major rail projects including upgrading the existing suburban rail network to ETCS Level 2, building new Metro lines, fast rail between major cities and procuring state of art rolling stocks.

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