Partner since:
May 2018


Neat s.r.l.
Francesca Iannaccone
Via Edoardo d'Onofrio, 304
00155 Rome

Phone: +39 3462891675


NEAT is an independent, privately held, Italian engineering company, offering highly specialized services in creating exclusive HW&SW solutions for mission&safety critical applications to leading customers in railway, avionics, aerospace, industrial and military markets.

NEAT provides its own HW/SW SIL4 assessed Intellectual Property, GeminiX, enabling the implementation of safety critical and/or high reliability embedded applications, certifiable up to SIL 4. GeminiX includes a complete documentation kit, an HW 2oo2 architecture, a hard-real-time operating system (GeminiX-OS, SIL4 assessed by its own) and several reference designs implemented using different CPUs and different bus architectures.

NEAT is developing a framework aiming to support Signaling System Designers by providing a software infrastructure with modular data preparation, track layout design, core logics and diagnostic facilities for RBC and Interlocking systems.

 NEAT is the exclusive distributor and maintainer of the PVS Library (Protocollo Vitale Standard) originally developed by ERTMS Solution, and currently under the EN50128 – 2011 certification.

railML® compatible applications: