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Feb 2019


Maprex co.,ltd.
Raymond Kwon
#828, 156, Yanghwa-ro, Mapo-gu
04050 Seoul
South Korea

Phone: +82 70-7802-1094


Our company, the Korean Corporation, Maprex co.,ltd., started business of subway train simulator over 10 years ago. The CEO and all the employees of our company are developers, and we specialized for software development.

Until now, we have been developing various solutions and simulation software such as Automatic Track Builder, AR Maintenance, Image Detection and Video Codec, and are currently developing training simulator of subway train that runs in VR Environment, and entire software for license test system of public corporation.

The VVVF 3D Train Simulation Software that we developed supports ICD interface and are certificated as 1st grade GS (Good Software) from the Korean government organization, and the train simulator mentioned above will be officially used for the national license test.

We planned world-wide business and intend to make our software supports standard of the railML, so we started internal project that upgrades functionality of automatic track builder. After the certification of the railML, we plan to extend coverage of standard of the railML to entire train simulator we have.

railML® compatible applications: