IVU Traffic Technologies

Partner since:
Jun 2003


IVU Traffic Technologies AG
Roman Naumann

Phone: +49 30 85906 448


IVU Traffic Technologies AG is a leading IT solutions provider dedicated to improving efficiency, punctuality and reliability for all transit modes operating in urban, commuter and intercity settings.

IVU’s standard software IVU.suite supports the full range of scheduling and operations activities of transit agencies in one integrated system: from scheduling, dispatching and fleet management to ticketing and real-time passenger information and controlling.

IVU.rail, the integrated rail software solution, incorporates powerful scheduling, dispatching and optimization tools that support rail operators in deploying resources as efficiently as possible.

At IVU, 400 public transport and IT experts engineer software and manage projects for over 500 public transportation companies worldwide. Including major metropolitan regions such as London, Lima, Berlin, Budapest and Kuala Lumpur as well as rail companies such as DB, SBB Cargo, and VIA Rail Canada Inc.

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