Israel Railways

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Dec 2012


Israel Railways (ISR) was established as an independent government-owned corporation in 2003 (prior to that the company operated as a unit in the Ports and Railways Authority) and is the largest railway infrastructure and operations company in Israel. In 2012 two subsidiary companies, a freight company and a trade company, were founded. The company employs approximately 2500 employees. Its main activities include passenger and cargo transportation, as well as the development, management, maintenance and operation of railway infrastructure.

Since 2003, ISR has embarked on a comprehensive Development Plan which has transformed the company into the most rapidly growing transportation company in the country. The Development Plan is a milestone in the development of efficient public transport, aimed at offering frequent, safe, punctual and fast rail services, while minimizing the impact on the natural landscape and supporting a greener environment; the scope of the plans and the complex engineering projects represent a quantum leap in the design and development of vital infrastructures designed to provide safer transportation and to bring peripheral communities closer to Israel’s commercial and industrial center.

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