Partner since:
Mar 2013


Andreas Langenhan
Hauptstraße 56-60
13158 Berlin

Phone: +4916096744647


With over 30 years of experience in the field of operating data logging, INTERAUTOMATION Deutschland GmbH is your ideal counterpart regarding the subjects of company- and process optimization in rail passenger traffic and public transport.

Our product groups are divided into two focus areas:

  1. The modular, land-based background system InLineWeb with applications for
    • [AVM/ITCS] - Operational management in the Control Center
    • [PIS] – Data supply and management for in-vehicle Passenger Information and landside recipients / interfaces
    • [APC] - Data processing and extrapolation of Automatic Passenger Counting data
    • [Apps] - Mobile applications for Train Drivers and Train Attendants


  2. Vehicle systems for new and existing vehicles (retrofitting)
    • [APC] - Automatic Passenger Counting system
    • [PAS & PIS] - Acoustic and Visual Passenger Information System & Infotainment
    • [FAS] - Driver Assistance system for Energy Saving
    • [VA] - Video Analysis & object recognition
    • Onboard computer and modem with railway certification


Our innovative overall-solution InLineWeb makes the acquisition of extensive operating data possible, which enables optimal monitoring and maximized scope of action. Our partial solutions for Automatic Passenger Counting (APC), Real-Time-Passenger-Information (PIS) and Traffic Control (AVM/ITCS) promise highest functionality as well as supreme quality and can be easily integrated in existing systems.

More than 20 transportation companies trust our products and services. We are proud of designing ideal conditions for optimal operation monitoring and -control, on national as well as international ground.

railML® compatible applications: