Partner since:
Nov 2016


David Garman
United Kingdom

Phone: 00 44 (0)1684 567201


Graffica is a UK company which specialises in providing software systems and consultancy to the transport sector, where we deliver innovative and portable software solutions that are accessible to a wide range of stakeholders. We research, prototype and validate future systems and concepts, as well as implement operational systems.
Graffica was founded in 2000 from a genuine enthusiasm for the development of software to support Air Traffic Management. Since initial start-up, we have grown organically and consistently to our present size of 34 consultants. We have a proven track record and reputation with our customers and end-users who are some of the largest stakeholders in the transport infrastructure sector.
Graffica is growing rapidly - thanks to a wide recognition that our GSDK software platform needn’t be tied to the skies. We’ve successfully applied our knowledge and experience to the railway industry and are building a reputation for quality, innovation and delivery in this area.