Partner since:
Jul 2022


Evolit Consulting GmbH
Christoph Bonelli
Marxergasse 1B
1030 Vienna

Phone: +43 6 605897583


We understand software.

We are the Austrian business contact when it comes to software development and consulting in the field of critical business systems.

We understand systems.

We use our long-time experience and tradition to the advantage of our clients. Because of this market-leading companies with complex tasks and high-quality requirements rely on us. EVOLIT expertise lies in the development of software solutions for railway industry, automotive, building infrastructure energy, assurance and telecommunication industry – nationally and internationally.

We understand business processes.

We are well acquainted with complex processes with numerous dependences. High technical affinity paired with a wide range of branch expertise is our guaranty for innovation which leads to quantifiable market advantages for our clients. Our solutions are sustainable, individual and value generating.

We understand you.

As reliable partner we accept responsibility of our work. We accompany our clients sustainably throughout the whole IT value chain – starting with the recognition of the current situation, design, implementation, documentation to the industrial management.