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Jan 2016


eurobahn GmbH & Co. KG
Michael Kohs
Unionstraße 3
59067 Hamm

Phone: +491708515886


We move people. To work, on holiday, to big destinations and on little adventures. Every day, we set out to take you from one place to another safely, comfortably and on time. With a clear outlook and fresh ideas, we are taking the future of mobility in our hands. What moves you, moves us. Welcome to eurobahn.

Since 1999, we have operated modern local public rail passenger transport under the brand name eurobahn. Since 2022, our company name has been the same as our brand name, eurobahn GmbH & Co.KG. We are responsible for a total of four transport networks in North Rhine Westphalia, Lower Saxony and over the border to the Netherlands. The entire route network covers around 16.3 million train kilometres. 

Since December 2016, we have also been serving the inner-German Thalys route between Cologne, Aachen and Dortmund. In order to be able to control the international high-speed train with up to 320 kilometres per hour, our train drivers undergo additional training to a highly qualified level.

With around 900 employees, of which almost 600 are drivers and customer advisors, eurobahn transports around 100000 travellers per day in regional transport with modern railcars.

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