ETC Solutions GmbH

Partner since:
Jul 2012


ETC Solutions Gmbh
Daniel Prusseit
Martin-Hoffmann-Str. 18
12435 Berlin

Phone: 030/25465-0


With more than 25 years of experience in the transport and traffic sector and the ambition to always
keep pace with the times and technology - to be innovative, creative and modern - we have
developed into leading IT and transport experts whose aim is to lead local public transport in
particular into the digital age and actively help shape it with innovative technologies.

With our teams at three locations in Europe, in Germany, Switzerland and Belarus, we are always
keen to adapt the latest technological developments and incorporate them into public transport.

We see ourselves as industry digitalisers, with the aim of actively shaping local public transport
together with our partners from business and politics. To this end, we have developed a range of
innovative software solutions. Our systems ensure sustainability, quality and safety as well as a
comprehensive overview of your operating processes and strengthen the competitiveness of your
transport company or the effectiveness and efficiency of your organisation.

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