Partner since:
Feb 2017
Bruno Magne
5 rue Maurice Blin
67500 Haguenau

Phone: +33 3 88 07 15 50


We are a software engineering company specialised in the production of related solutions for railways, in the field of simulation tools for testing, training, research and demonstration, but also in safety related products for on-board or trackside applications.

Based in the heart of Europe, we have been in the vanguard of ERTMS/ETCS test specification and system consolidation, and have been supporting customers across Europe and Asia for 18 years.

Dedicated to marrying technical excellence, creative thinking and world-leading delivery into a single package we have used our software architecture, development and design skills to translate the complex detail of European Interoperability’s ERTMS/ETCS specifications into a suite of tools which we then supply to our customers – positioning them at the cutting edge of the rail industry. We’re fiercely proud of our reputation for designing and implementing complex technical solutions that are both easy for our customers to use, and reliable.