EBP Schweiz

Partner since:
Dec 2014


EBP Schweiz AG
Salem Blum
Mühlebachstrasse 11
8032 Zürich

Phone: +41 44 3951707


As an independent enterprise EBP offers a broad range of consulting, planning, construction, information technology and communications services. Based at various locations throughout the world, our 500+ employees help our clients to arrive at the viable and sustainable solutions they need in order to meet the challenges of our times. Since 1981, we have worked to secure sustainable development in the context of a larger, caring approach to the future.

With the use of OpenTrack Railway Simulations and the FBS Timetabling System we can offer suitable analyses and tailor-made solutions for the optimisation of complex public transportation and railway systems. The concepts and reports of EBP serve as a sound basis for decision making for railway infrastructure managers, railway undertakings and local and national governments. Our many years of experience and close cooperation with IT, infrastructure, finance and urban planning specialists, allow us to cover the whole spectrum of railway planning.

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