Hitachi Rail STS

Partner since:
Jun 2017


Hitachi Rail - Ansaldo STS
Marco Giaroli

Phone: +39 010 655 2167


Ansaldo STS is headquartered in Genoa and has employees in 28 different countries. The 51% of the share capital is held by Hitachi Rail Italy Investments shareholder.

Ansaldo STS is a public company listed on the Milan Stock Exchange

Ansaldo STS is a leading international technology company which specializes in railway signalling and integrated transport systems for passenger and freight rail operations.

Ansaldo STS plans, designs, manufactures, installs and commissions signalling components, systems and integrated mobility solutions for the management and control of new and upgraded Railway, Transit and Freight lines worldwide and acts as a lead contractor and turnkey provider on major projects worldwide. Ansaldo STS is listed on the Milan Stock Exchange.

That’s how Ansaldo STS moves the rail industry forward, that’s how we connect pieces of your day to day life.