Trapeze Rail System

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  • Rolling stock resource scheduling
  • Rolling stock rostering
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not certified
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The Trapeze Rail System is an extensive and integral software solution for planning and operation management. The system is used across Europe and is especially designed to meet the demands of local and regionally based rail companies. The solution supports companies all the way from the transfer of timetable and block data via the railML interface over the duty and roster planning to the daily vehicle and employee allocation. Added to this comes the calculation of correct pay. Furthermore, the system contains a range of integrated functions for the production of passenger and management information as well as administration of rolling stock. Additional interfaces to up- and downstream systems are also available, for instance in different VDV formats. The Trapeze Rail System is a modular solution which the company can combine according to its specific needs. It is also a scalable solution meaning that it can be adjusted to rail cargo and passenger transport companies of different sizes.

Trapeze Timetable Planner makes it very easy to produce and work with timetable data no matter the size of the company or the particular core activity.

Trapeze Vehicle Manager handles the long and short-term planning, administration and allocation of rolling stock.


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