Siemens Mobility GmbH
Martin Zien



railiXX is designed as data exchange interface between Siemens Mobility’s internal tool landscape and its customers (as well as other external project partners). The name is an acronym for “RAILway Infrastructure Xml eXchange”.

In a first version, railiXX is focused on the export of result data of the domains System Engineering, Interlocking Engineering and ETCS-Engineering.
For this purpose, a common internal data storage (which is being filled by multiple engineering disciplines during project execution), is mapped and written to the structure of the railML file format.

In future, the import of customers’ requirements to a Specific Application System Design shall be imported via railiXX, if they would be provided in railML-Format. Then, the imported data would be forwarded to the related engineering tools.

railiXX is in use at the Wayside Signalling in International Mainline Business of Siemens Mobility GmbH.



In use by the following partners:

This data is provided by the railML partner and under their responsibility.